Travel/Camera Backpacks Affiliate Programs To Make Money

If your interest is in Travel/Adventure niche and your audience are Millennials and Generation X travel backpacks are the perfect product to promote as they are must-have for any savvy travelers or adventure trips. Travel backpacks have multiple uses.  every traveler has there own set of criteria before buying a backpack. By promoting these travel backpacks on your website or share it with others via blog or social media you can help travelers making the smart purchase decision and at the same time make some money.

Top Keywords to Target in Backpack Niche

    • Camera Backpack
    • Adventure backpack
    • Light weight travel backpack
    • Short trip travel backpack
    • Durable travel backpack
    • Cheap travel backpack
    • everyday travel backpack

Listed Here From Experience Travel/Camera Backpacks Affiliate Programs To Earn $$$$


Wandrd backpacks are Comfortable, spacious, light weight, stylish backpacks for photography, travel, and everyday use.  Started as kickstarter campaign now they sell on their own website and as well.  Wandrd camera bags are high in demand and they ship internationally as well. Wandrd prvke and hexad duffle are the best sellers. By promoting these products there is a good chance to increase your revenue.

Wandrd Affiliate Partner Program Details

    • Earn 10% commission by promoting Wandrd products
    • Payment are processed on 20th of Every month
    • Sign up here : Wandrd affiliate  (share a sale network)
    • Merchant provides with banner, creatives and promotional offers to maximise your sales.
    • Tracking Cookie lasts for 30 Days after the initial click thru


Nomatic backpacks are known for it’s quality, functionality, versatility. and sleek design. They have range of products -travel bags, backpacks, watches, notebooks and wallets. Nomatic best selling products are Nomatic Wallets, Nomatic backpacks are considered to be best carry on bag.

Nomatic Affiliate Program Details

    • Earn 15% commission by promoting Nomatic products (4% to coupon site)
    • $250 Average Order Value
    • Payments on time
    • Sign up link: Nomatic affiliate  (share a sale network)
    • Promotional/ Marketing material provided
    • Converts really well in sale period  like Black Friday, Boxing day


The Wirecutter rated Tortuga the best carry on travel bag known for it’s comfort. Tortuga backpacks and duffels are loved by pro city travellers. The best product. They also ship worldwide and are loved mostly by urban traveller. Promote on social media or blog to earn commission from each sale.

Tortuga Affiliate Program Details

    • Earn 10% Commission on each sale (coupon sites are not allowed)
    • Average order value $248
    • 60 days cookie period
    • Dedicated affiliate manager and support
    • Freebies to performing affiliate
    • signup link: Tortuga Affiliate


Incase bags are famous for short and long day trips. These bags are fit for urban travellers, the USP of these bags are the organizers which accomdates maximum of stuff at ease. Apart from backpacks they also target emerging category Apple/Mac protection covers and cases. So not only backpacks you can also sell other products.

Incase Affiliate Program Details

    • Sign up link :Incase affiliate
    • 12% Commission on each sale
    • Exclusive coupon code for your users


These scratch and cut proof anti theft backpacks are safe and easy to carry. There are only 2 models available Hagen Albert and Berg. These bags are very famous among women. Promote these bags to women power and earn some good commission out of it.

Affiliate Details of Hagen Bags

    • Sign up Link: Hagen Bags Affiliate
    • You got to share you marketing plan and strategies to get approved to promote their products

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