Best Affiliate Networks in the UK

If you are thinking to make money from your blog, then this post on the best affiliate networks in the UK might help you in the process. The affiliate networks work as the intermediary between publishers and merchant affiliate programs. These networks let the site publishers easily discover and participate in affiliate programs which are apt for all niche-based websites.

For merchants, affiliate network services comprise of tracking technology, reporting tools, payment dispensation, and access to a huge number of publishers. For affiliates, benefits include streamlining the process of listing for more than one merchant affiliate programs, reporting tools, gain access to product API, and payment accumulation.

For all the affiliates, these networks do not charge anything, but the fees are laid on the shoulder of participating merchants. Affiliate marketers can also join direct affiliate programs of the merchant on their website. 

There are over dozens of affiliate networks that work in the UK and offer excellent commissions, advanced tools, and assistance to their members. These best affiliate networks in the UK function for both advertisers and publishers and are focused on giving timely payouts to the affiliates. They also supply attractive and exclusive marketing material along with the unique affiliate links on behalf of their promoters. 

The Affiliate Marketing industry in the UK has been estimated (together with Lead Generation) as a £13 billion a year income generating industry. 

Best Affiliate Networks in the UK

1. AWIN:

Awin has over 20 years of experience in empowering advertisers and publishers of all sizes to develop their online business. They have an active partnership with over 14600 advertisers, 205,000+ publishers, and generated sales of over 147 million in the year 2019. Their network connects sellers to active affiliate partners worldwide to expand consumer reach. 

Publishers get the chance to create healthy and profitable alliances with content creators, influences, website owners, and technical associates. Awin is quite expensive in all networks dealing with a wide-ranging set of affiliate programs. Awin made £9.5 billion in profits for its advertisers and £706 million for its publishers in 2019. 

2. Trade Doubler:

Trade Doubler is a leading digital marketing firm offering astute solutions to publishers and advertisers all over the world. With 20 years of experience in hand, TD has established 15 offices in 81 countries. Tradedoubler provides performance marketing and technology solutions powering an exclusive network. 

Its network consists of 2000+ advertisers, 180,000+ publishers, and generated over 1.6B+ revenue for clients. To name a few brands that have partners with TD are Philips, Groupon, Microsoft, Zooplus, ING, Puma, and many more. In all, they have worked with over 2000 leading brands of the industry delivering them exclusive account management services. 

3. Paid On Results:

Founded in 2002, POR is continuously offering technical assistance in developing small and medium scale business. With the best tracking consistency and constant modernization, POR has built a high level of trust with its partners in the UK Affiliate Marketing ground. Merchants get access to various Cashback offers, Voucher Code, PPC, content sites, price evaluation, social media, retargeting, mobile, bloggers, and email marketing, all at a very nominal fee. 

POR helps you in providing the suitable tools and services for Merchants who wish to knock into the thousands of websites that endorse products or services in return for an Affiliate Commission as set by the Merchant. Their affiliates get the fast payments, short income reports, quick linking to merchant programs, automatic creatives update, efficient technical support, and access to technically advanced tools. 

4. Affiliate Future

Established in 1999, AF was conceived to offer its customers an affordable solution for generating new business sources. AF provides millions of deals monthly to hundreds of advertisers from SME’s to main brands. AF runs on pay on a performance basis, offering the advertisers a low-risk situation to develop their online business with the power to attain an outstanding ROI.

Affiliate Future is a division of GlobalData, which is a content-driven media corporation yielding quality business data, research services, and promotion solutions for leading decision-makers. It is headquartered in London, with offices all over the UK, US, India, and Australia. GlobalData serves a worldwide customer base with the maximum quality and most advanced solutions.

5. Amazon Associates UK

If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for a reliable and effortless affiliate marketing network, then Amazon Associates is the best option. This pioneering online marketplace delivers everything everywhere. It is a quick way to make money for the freshers and the program is free to join.

You do not require any third-party consents, and can straightaway step into millions of products to promote your customers. The pro-level affiliate marketers can create customized tools like Amazon Implementations and API to advertise products to monetize their sites. You can earn up to 12% of advertising fees from qualified buying. 

6. Max Bounty

If you old in the affiliate marketing industry, then you must have come across this name many times. Max Bounty is a well-known affiliate network globally since 2004. It is a leading performance-based CPA network that focuses on maximizing the ROI of both the publishers and advertisers. Affiliates can advance their earning potential by promoting high-converting CPA campaigns from various advertisers looking for your social media buying, blogging, and email marketing expertise. 

Max Bounty affiliates have the liberty to work on any vertical and pricing model (CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL) that is preferable to them. MB has over 2000+ active and converting campaigns globally with weekly payments, performance bonuses, feature-rich dashboard, and committed affiliate managers.

7. eBay Partner Network the UK

eBay offers its affiliates a great opportunity to earn money by driving traffic and prompting sales across one of the world’s biggest and most distinct marketplace. Besides eBay lets, you build your ads in your way hence monitoring performance and optimizing results. As an affiliate, you can choose the affiliate model as per your business while incorporating your mobile, web, and social channels with eBay’s worldwide inventory. 

eBay works with top brands like JBL, Crocs, Adidas, Reebok, Superdry, and more. This diverse platform lists around 1.4B stock at one time and has over 183M buyers covering 190 markets internationally. So, every affiliate leverages great deals and promotions daily along with intuitive tools to track, analyze, and optimize the results. 

8. Click Dealer

Established in 2012, ClickDealer is an influential affiliate network working in top niches like sweepstakes, vouchers, gaming, casino, eCommerce, retail, dating, social networking, and software. This renowned marketing agency offers its clients an all-inclusive set of affordable advertising services. Further, its SmartLink technology gives access to exclusive offers in one link. 

They are rated as one of the best networks by Performinsider, mThink Blue Book, and Mobyaffiliates. CD has partnered with some of the top brands like Huawei, ReImagePlus, AliExpress, AdThink, BaseBone, and more. For making it a secure affair, ClickDealer offers its publishers with manual monitoring, anti-fraud software, affiliate screening, and an alert system. 

9. ClickBank

CB is yet another huge and popular leading global retailer and affiliate network for publishers and advertisers. For the last 20 years, it is known for its timely payouts and customer service. Till now, CB has paid over $4.2 billion in commissions. CB is the #1 choice for ten thousand of affiliates to promote nest-performing products.  

At times CB has paid as high as a 90% commission rate due to quality marketing. Its tracking system HOPLINK is reliable for all analytics. CB promotes over 4000 products at a global level. As a seller, you can offer your products on the industry-leading ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace to systematizing payments and enhancing conversion, ClickBank partners with you at each step in the process.

10. PerformCB

PerfromCB is the new name of Clickbooth, and it is another preferred and quickly developing CPA affiliate network. It is linking partners and marketers since 2002 with the motive of providing a one-stop-shop solution for performance-based online customer purchases. Its advertiser’s performance marketing network is focused on CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, CPC pricing model. 

They are known for the most exclusive and top-rated offers and voted as #1 CPA network for the last four years. Health &Beauty, entertainment, financial, and lifestyle are included among its best verticals. Around 300 + partners and agencies come together to make Perform CB a Super Affiliate Network. Its 1M monthly conversions are derived through the principles of collaboration, compliance, technology, and result-oriented performance. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked this post on the best affiliate networks in the UK. All these affiliate networks are known for their timely payments, feature-rich dashboard, an advanced suite of tools, and dedicated assistance to their affiliates. You can join any affiliate program suiting your blog vertical and make money therein. 

If you have any other reliable affiliate network in your mind, don’t forget to write in the comment section below. 

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