Try Shift Review 2021- A Complete Multitasking Solution

Have you ever wondered if you use the right suite of productivity tools, your work can become faster, as well as organized? Not only this, but you will be able to do multitasking by saving lots of your precious time. 

If you are looking for such a comprehensive solution, then Shift can be the most needed tool. Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, and workflows. With Shift, the tedious task of switching between accounts and logging in and out, will not be bothering at all. 

Why Shift?

Shift is a logical and agile solution for individuals and agencies to manage their work in a better way. It indeed assists in organizing and restructuring your work, time, and play in a better way. To make it a useful tool, you can add it to Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, and connecting to your calendar apps, by account. 

With Shift, you can easily toggle between multiple Drive accounts, and you can integrate all your favourite apps and extensions in it. Overall, there will be less chaos in managing numerous accounts, tools, and apps, as connecting with Shift will help in customizing your workstation in the way you want. 

The team behind Shift is an enthusiastic and innovative group of engineers, designers, and technology experts. The entire team works on the motive to manage multiple workflows with simplicity and grace. They want all their users to get their work done quickly and efficiently. 

As Shift is becoming the most preferred choice of many individuals and teams, publications like LifeHacker, CNET, and the Tech Republic, have also mentioned it as the most streamlining app for workflows. 

Features of Shift:

While the browser is made for browsing, Shift is for work. Shift gives a new angle of working in a completely managed environment. How? Let’s check the features to get more clarity.

Complete Work Structuring and Systematizing

With Shift, you will never have to face the confusion of putting things in order as you can connect all your essential apps and email account in one place. This will put an end of logging in and logging out headaches. 

Focused surfing by account

As the browser is built for browsing, Shift is made for unifying and arranging work meticulously. You can try fixated web tabs inside Shift for more valuable web experience.

All-inclusive solution for email accounts and extensions

The user can easily switch between his Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 accounts without any struggle. The quick account snapping makes it easy to go through various email account at once. 

Also, you can add any number of extensions, even Grammarly, Boomerang, HubSpot, MailTrack, Zoom, Lastpass, GoToMeeting, and many more like these. 

Customized solutions

With Shift, you can create your workstation in your style by customizing it with all your apps, email accounts, and tools to kickstart your output. Overall, Shift helps in boosting your work life as well as personal efficiency. 

Integrated search platform

It is indeed the quickest and most unified way to find what you are searching for across any of your drive, calendar, or email accounts.

Google Apps integration

You can add all your Google accounts, from Gmail and Calendar and Drives to Google Slides, Adwords, Sheets, Docs, Books, eBlogger, and rest all of them.

For every major platform

Shift works flawlessly for Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. You just have to sign in to your email account to pick up from where you left off on any device or system.

Collaborative app

Shift allows uniting with your most productive tools most uniquely. You can mix and match your favorite tools to find a seamless workflow. 

Featured Apps and Extensions:

You will find hundreds of apps that easily integrate with the Shift platform. Adding your favorite apps and extensions to Shift will help in increasing the productivity levels of users. The categories of the apps and extensions include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Communication and Messaging
  • Content Creation and Publishing
  • CRM and Sales
  • Curation and Sourcing
  • Customer Support
  • Design and Creativity
  • E-Commerce and Shopping
  • Email Platform
  • File Sharing and Storage
  • Google
  • IT and Developer Tools
  • Legal and HR
  • Marketing and Analytics
  • Miscellaneous
  • Music and Video Streaming
  • News
  • Office Administration
  • Online Learning
  • Password Management
  • Project and Task Management
  • Social Media


Shift is available in three subscriptions, namely Basic at $0 (free), Advanced for $99, and Teams (ask for a quote). The free plan gives you access to limited featured like access to 2 email accounts, upto 1 app account, cross-platform support, desktop notifications, and “Sent with Shift” for every email account. 

The Advanced and Team plans will give you access to unlimited features like unlimited email accounts, apps, notification muting, add Google services, and much more. 

Is Shift safe to use?

Shift uses the most common OAuth authorization procedure to safeguard your confidential info. Shift can manage all your emails secretly without any risk. OAuth allows Shift (locally) to retrieve your emails and move to your local computer. A unique token is saved against your Shift account in the cloud. Shift doesn’t allow anyone, anywhere – other than you – to gain access to your data, apps, facts, or emails.

Shift Support:

Shift offers its users with quite reasonable and helping resources like blog, knowledgebase, FAQs ticket raising, and Press. The detailed knowledge base deals with all kinds of relevant and intriguing inquiries. 

Shift Blog presents the articles related to tips, tricks, and updates to keep your work productive. The posts are associated with Apps Hub, Gmail Hub, News, Privacy, Rewards, Support, and tips & tricks. The review section shows the genuine reviews and experience of Shift users.

For those who want to mention Shift in their Press release, you get access to comprehensive assets from the Media Kit section. If you are an affiliate marketer, the Shift Affiliate program offers 20 % on every sale with third party affiliate network PartnerStack. 

You can find Shift on all leading social media channels- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

General FAQs:

Does it require credit card details to get started?

-No, you don’t need any credit card details to get started. 

What is the billing cycle (monthly or yearly)?

-At present, they offer only yearly billing. You will be due on the date that you choose to upgrade Shift. 

What is the currency used for billing?

-You will be charged in USD.

Final Words

Shift seems to be a promising tool for those who believe in streamlining their work in an organized way. It has got a 4.6 overall satisfaction rating based on 500+ user reviews. The way it structures all your apps and email accounts, the switching between them becomes easy, making your work more productive and time-saving.

If you still have any doubt in your mind regarding Shift, try its free version for a week. Once you get into the habit of multi-tasking, keeping your work streamlined, you will definitely love Shift. It will take some time to get adjusted and having everything at a single place, but once you adapt to it, it’s worth your time and money. 

I hope you liked the Shift Review. If you have any other similar tools in mind that can organize workflow by streamlining it flawlessly, then do tell us in the comment below. Do share the post with your friends and on your social media channel. 

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