Earn Money With Low Competition High Profit Amazon Niche

What is a Affiliate Niche?

A Nicheย is basically the specific category in which you need to sell products. So here you need to find low competition niches which mean there are not many sellers who are selling products on that category.

Why finding Low Competition Niche is important?

As I mentioned above it is really important to find low competition niche because if there are not many sellers or zero number of sellers then you can sell your products to every buyer or most of the buyers who are looking for those products.

So before selling anything on Amazon, you need to do Niche Research properly. So that you don’t need to find difficulties while selling products on Amazon.

Tips To Find Low Competition High Profit Amazon Niche?

Tips To Find International Website Research

These days people are buying products from International Sites like AliExpress, Banggood and more. These are one of the popular sites of China who is shipping (dropshipping) their products all over the world.

They are buying products online from counties like China. So here you need to find popular products on those sites. And you also need to search those products also which are not available on Amazon but available on AliExpress.

These products will easily give you a great amount of sale each time you listed them on Amazon. You can buy these products in bulk from those sites then you can easily resell them to your country via Amazon.

Using Amazon Niche Finder Tool:

You can also use Amazon Niche Finder tools like Jungle Scout and more. These tools can you give a wide range of opportunities by which you can search for low competition and highest conversation rate products.

These tools offer services like-

    • Find Products idea
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Create Products Database

Using Jungle Scout and other tools you can able to find products ideas which are really low in terms of competition along with monthly search volume of that product on Amazon.

You can also track your competitions using this tool. You can track their order rates and offers they are providing to their customers. You can almost track everything about your competition.

You can also create a database of all the products, you are listing on Amazon. You can also track your own products and their performance also. So that you can able to improve yourself. They also offer services like track your product and more. You can also check demand score and products search score and your personal performance score.

So if you are serious about your Amazon Seller Career then you should have any of these premium Amazon FBA tools like

    • Jungle Scout
    • Helium10
    • Viral Launch
    • Amaz Scout

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a free platform by Google which offers you to search Trending products online. If you are able to search which are the trending products and as well as which are those trending keywords on google, then you can rank easily on Amazon with those keywords.

If you are able to find trending Keywords then you might also rank on Google with your Amazon products. So you will have more chance of selling more products through Amazon.

If you are Amazon FBA seller or wanted to become one then first follow these steps before registering as a seller on Amazon.

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