Sellics Benchmaker Review

What is Sellics Benchmaker and How Does it Work

Sellics Benchmaker is an Amazon-based AI-driven high-performance advertising platform. Regularly, we come across adverts on Amazon; these advertisements, if managed well, can be quite effective in increasing sales and converting into an enormous amount of profit, and Sellics Benchmaker creates those same advertisements with its advanced AI algorithms. The platform enhances ads by combining many aspects and has proven to be one of the top PPE management software for Amazon Vendors and Sellers.

Sellics Benchmaker

Sellics Is a One-Stop For All Solutions

1. AdvertisementAs we all know, advertising is one of the most important and complicated aspects of a product, but Sellics Benchmaker’s advertising solutions automate and streamline the process, allowing your product to thrive in the market. These powerful tools power your PPE campaign, optimizing the entire process and allowing you to determine the direction of your growth without having to worry about the procedure’s complexity. The Sellics Benchmaker Software also gives experienced help to help you achieve Perfection.

2. AI OptimisationSellics Benchmaker‘s Autopilot technology, which automates ad campaigns, is powered by an AI-based algorithm. To automate ad campaigns, the automation tool employs keyword clustering, revenue per click estimates, sales projections, and many other criteria. Daily, fresh keywords are developed and added to campaign bids to attract traffic and clicks to the product. The Autopilot saves customers time and frees them from the time-consuming manual task of campaign strategizing. One of the primary characteristics of this tool is that it may help lower Amazon’s ACoS and ensure that your campaigns are profitable.

3. Profit DashboardSellics Benchmaker Earnings Dashboard not only calculates your users’ genuine profit but also allows you to see how that profit is broken down. Manually tracking earnings through individual ASINs across your multiple market products is a difficult, time-consuming, and unreliable form of profit analysis. The profit dashboard tracks your overall profit on Amazon and displays it from the market level down to your own ASIN. Sellics Benchmaker Profit Mobile App keeps all of your data and analysis in your pocket and is only a click away.

4. SEO ToolsThe most crucial aspect of any Amazon business is the SEO listing. Sellics Benchmakers’ SEO tool aids in getting your product in front of potential clients. Sellics Benchmaker helps your product rank higher in Amazon search by – assessing product listings on a regular basis for improvement, assisting your product in outranking competitors by analyzing Amazon’s largest merchants, increasing exposure by developing one-click keywords, and many more methods. SEO tools produce successful keywords to keep your listings visible with an accuracy of around 89 percent.

5. Customer Feedback and review managementThe customer relationship management application Sellics Benchmaker assists users in maintaining customer relationships on Amazon. The tool has a live alert system that alerts you as soon as a customer assesses your product, so you don’t lose out on both positive and bad feedback. With this notification system in place, rapid action on bad reviews might be taken. The application also assists in gathering consumer insights, allowing you to customize your answer based on the customer’s review, and analyzing trends across specific ASINs in your Amazon market.


Pricing Sellics offers three packages based on your Amazon business that can be ordered in increasing cost and feature order –

The first package is named “Advertising Pro Plus,” and it costs $198 per month. It is also available in a year-long deal for $1980. They designed this package for advertisers who spend up to $20,000 on commercials each month.

“Advertising Expert plus” is the name of the second bundle. This package costs $449 per month and $4490 per year if purchased annually. This bundle includes all the features of the Advertising pro plus package, as well as some AI-based enhancements.

The third plan, dubbed “Custom Solutions,” costs $559 per month or $5590 per year. Every function from Expert is included, as well as several advanced features. This bundle is for advertisers who want to spend up to $20,000 per month on commercials.

Sellics BenchMakers is one of the best amazon advertising software in the market presently which optimizes your PPE campaigns through their AI-based algorithms but this is not the only one in the market. Sellics has some top competitors in the market ranging from providing one integrated tool to cover every aspect of advertising to providing specific tools to optimize one of the different aspects of an advertisement. 

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