MainWP Review: A WordPress Manager for Professionals

If you have multiple WordPress websites that are hosted on the internet, then it can be a hassle to control and monitor all of them especially if you got a short span of time in your hands. With MainWP, now you can easily control all of the websites of yours even if they are hosted on several servers.  MainWP is a plugin that lets you take control of all your website from a single website. Let’s learn about this MainWP plugin in more detail below.

What is MainWP?

MainWP is essentially a plugin that is developed by Dennis Dornan and his team to avoid the hefty task of managing several WordPress websites and to manage all of them from a single place. It also saves your time as you don’t have to log in to each of your websites every time you have to change or post something.

MainWP Plugins

If you go to the plugin installation section of your WordPress website you will find two types of MainWP plugins.

  1. MainWP Dashboard: This plugin has to be installed on the website from where you want to manage all of your other websites.
  2. MainWP Child: You have to install this plugin on all the websites that you want to control from the dashboard.

Once you install these plugins, click on activate to configure it on your website.


Installation– Once you activate the MainWP dashboard plugin you will see a similar window like this on your website dashboard.

Click on let’s go and start the installation process. If you are hosted on a cloud server then choose the web-host option.

 System Check- After Installation, it will check if your website is compatible with the MainWP dashboard or not. If your website is hosted on the cloud you need not worry.

Install MainWP Child: If you haven’t installed the MainWP child plugin on all your other websites, then now is the time to do so.

Connect Site- Now you can connect to all your child sites by giving their URL and MainWP will execute an HTTPS request using cURL to connect to them.

Monitoring- You can opt-out to monitor all your sites from your MainWP dashboard.


After you are done with the installation, you can see a screen similar to this.

You can see various options in the MainWP dashboard.

Overview- In the overview tab you can see the overview of the websites that are connected to your dashboard
Site- You can add a new site from here or you can also manage your connected sites.


  • You can connect multiple WordPress websites at a glance.
  • Helps you to monitor your site’s health and all the other things.
  • Automatic Updates
  • One-click admin access
  • Manage your theme and plugin for your websites from a single place

Our Take

After reviewing everything about MainWP, we think that it’s a pretty good and prominent app that will help you to control all your websites and also save you a lot of time. It’s also free which is a pretty good thing.

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