Top 6 Trading Journal Affiliate Programs To Earn Online

In this post, we are going to discuss the best trading journal affiliate programs paying handsome commissions to their affiliate marketers. 

Trading journals are a smart way to track your stock trading performances. This smart strategy helps you in gaining confidence while executing your trading decisions. Maintaining a trade journal is indeed the most efficient way to measure your performance. Trading journals are handy records for reviewing your daily transacts and providing better output for future references. These reports act as a basis for profitable trading in the market. 

What is the use of the Trading Journal?

A trading journal is an essential guide for any regular trader as it points out any flaw based on your trading journey. Every successful trader maintains it for retroactive entries to find out and remove any repetitive trading patterns that lead to significant losses. It offers a detailed overview of all your trades including points like entry & exit values, trade courses & results, position extents, and other useful info that might be needed at the time of the final deal. 

Let’s first look at a few primary reasons why every successful trader maintains a trading journal; after that, we will jump to the point of how affiliate marketers can make subsequent income by promoting the trading journal affiliate programs. So, trading journals are useful for every trade because:

  • It offers constructive acumen into the trader’s performance. 
  • Fine-tunes your trading plan of action by making you aware of the trading mistakes like- misunderstanding margin lines, over trading, making bigger trading goals from the starting and ending up losing money, not sticking to the plan, and over-riding the market, trying to be the only champion, etc. 
  • Finding out behavioural patterns in your trading that led to ups and downs
  • Well-designed journals have additional components like market commentary, space for technical and fundamental patterns, and better analysis of journal entries via charts.

Why trading journal affiliate programs?

It is a well-known fact that trading is an old practice that started somewhere around the 1850s. Since then, many people or traders have changed their lives completely by trading financial assets intelligently in the financial market. Active trading practices have proven to be much profitable than typical trading. Every house has at least one person who trades in stocks and hopes of changing his life overnight. 

To make the trading journey easy, manageable, and up-to-the-mark, every trader needs to maintain a trading journal to track the performances regularly. So, if you have a blog or vlog dealing with finance or the stock market, then including trading journal affiliate programs will attract significant side income. 

Trading journals include world-class tools to level up traders’ regular trading performances. So, while promoting the trading journals affiliate programs, you can help your audiences by publishing valuable articles on trading markets, managing trading forums, top-10 trading journals, reviews of specific trading journals, or having a Q & A vlog by giving financial advice.   

The commission rates are great and one might make up to $100 per sale. Furthermore, there lies great potential in the investment market, and many people who are willing to invest don’t have the exact ides. Thus, these trading journals with all the necessary components of trading are a great help to the naï, let’s check out the list of top trading journal affiliate programs offering the best commission rates to the affiliates

Best Trading Journal Affiliate Programs

1. Trader Sync

Top features of Trader Sync include stock trade charts, target charting and stop losses, intraday charting, trade-specific analytics, notes, screenshot uploading, commission and fees trading, performance charting, public profile creation, trade and customs data sharing, and much more.

Trader Sync affiliate program offers:

2. Edge Wonk

It is yet another leading trading journal that helps you find your edge by perfecting your trades, stopping silly mistakes, amassing files in one place, getting trade reviews, and plan accordingly. It also offers exclusive algorithms with actionable tips to prepare the correct trading strategy. With the help of in-depth analysis, trade screenshots, customized statistics, you can achieve the most desired trading results.

Edge Wonk affiliate program offers:

  • 35% commission on every signup
  • Plans are starting at $79/mo
  • Access to marketing material, tips, banners, and more
  • 24/7 email support and dedicated affiliate panel
  • Monthly payments via PayPal, or bank wire transfer
  • Sign up –

3. Trading Diary Pro

Trading Diary Pro offers a 30-day free trial to its users before they go for a subscription. The exhaustive features include import/data input, import modules (bell direct, apex clearing, Charles Schwab, ally, commonwealth securities), trading journal, trade/position accounting, historical data download modules, price charts, filter positions, report generation, risk metrics, net asset value reports, PNL reports and more.

Trading Diary Pro affiliate program offers:

4. Tradervue

It is the most simple, fast, powerful trading journal that will help you in improving your trading performance. It is a comprehensive tool for stock, forex trading, and futures. Some of the best features include automatic price charts, auto import, regular trade notes, tagging, filtering, dashboard, coaching, mentoring, chart studies, running P&L charts, multi-currency trading, and tracking commission and charts.

Tradervue affiliate program offers:

5. TradeMetria

Better trading starts with better data and tools to convert that data into useful insights. It is an all-in-one trading journal portfolio tracker, and trade analyzer software for traders and investors. It can monitor multiple metrics on multiple accounts, ultimate past tracking through well-designed charts, self-navigating entry and exit trading points, analyzes risk before final bidding, portfolio tracker, and much more performance-based tools. 

TradeMetria affiliate program offers:

  • 100% of subscribers first-month membership
  • Plans starting at $14.95
  • 30-day cookie window
  • Regular payments via PayPal
  • Personal dashboard for all the tracking and transactions
  • Sign up link-


FTMO clients offer the best trading solutions in the form of MT4, MT5, and cTrader accounts run by data-feed straight from their leading fund providers. This platform is for the traders by the traders to replicate the real market situations with super-raw spreads, low commission, and no hike to all demo trading accounts with simulated resources. Some of the FTMO’s apps help traders with market regulations while others with journalizing or analyzing markets.

FTMO affiliate program offers:

  • 8% commission of subscribers first payment
  • Access to unique referral code, URL link, and banners
  • Well-designed promotional material for your blogs
  • Sign up link-

Wrapping up

All the aforementioned trading journal affiliate programs offer outstanding trade management tools for beginners as well as professionals. These trading journals not only help you in analyzing your trade history, risk factors, past blunders but also help you in improving your performance prudently. So, if you are dealing with the related niche, then this can be your best opportunity for making some quick side cash. 

I hope you will take advantage of these trading journal affiliate programs, and promote them in the best possible way on your blog, channel, or website. We would recommend you to go for TraderSync and TradeMetria as they offer an excellent commission to affiliates. For any queries, feel free to write to us in the comments below. 

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