7 Best Ad Spy Tools Affiliate Programs

This post will target the best ad spy tools affiliate programs that will bring in huge commissions if you are a dedicated affiliate marketer. You can include these best ad spy tools affiliate programs in your top list, reviews posts, how-to-use articles, or in the form of informative videos.

Before getting to know about these ad spy tools features and commission rates, let’s first understand the concept of ad spy tools and how will they help your viewers to accomplish their goals.

In this cut-throat and technically advanced world, everyone wants to attain success quickly by beating their close-neck rivals. It is not an illegal thing as from the advent of this ad world, bootlegging rivals, and knowing their paradoxes is the prime objective of the one who is trying to succeed in the market.

And in today’s innovative world, this task is done through the ad spy tools. With the use of spying tools, you can easily spy on your competitor’s marketing strategies, traffic sources, conversion tactics, campaign charges, performance levels, etc. without him knowing about it.
Ad spy tools allow you to measure your brand’s performance with others in the market, along with their most profitable and spur-of-the-moment approaches. These insights are crucial for vigorous competition in the digital market.

So, as a budding or a pro affiliate marketer if you have audiences that are still unaware of such profit rendering tools available in the market, then enlighten them and make money thereby. If you have a blog, website, or a social channel where you can showcase engaging content including these best ad spy tools, you will earn a handsome commission while promoting.

If you are content publishers, paid search enthusiasts, data integrators, agency, speaker, or all-rounder marketing geniuses.
So, let’s get started and know about the best features of these ad spy tools along with their affiliate program offerings.

Best AdSpy Tools Affiliate Programs

1. Adplexiy

Adplexity is a total game-changer for your desktop, mobile, and native ad intelligence. You can track your competitor’s most profitable campaigns on every device in over 75 countries. It will be easy for you to uncover veiled campaigns and pop-up traffic sources, download any landing pages, find the best affiliate offers, and quick search via the advertiser, publisher, keyword, affiliate network, etc.

Adplexiy affiliate program offers:

2. SEMRUsh

If you are looking for all-inclusive marketing tools for digital marketing, SEMRush can be your #1 choice. It has 6000000 users and you will find 40+ tools for featuring keyword research, on-page SEO, competitor analysis, rank tracking, link building, social media management, PPC keyword, paid ads, and much more.

SEMRush affiliate program offers:

  • Make $200 for every SEMRush subscription sale
  • Earn up to $10 for every new trial activation
  • 120-day cookie life with a last-click attribution model
  • Access to best promotion material with dedicated attention to all affiliates
  • Affiliate network -ShareASale

Sign up link- https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=97231&source=semrushh

3. Power AdSpy

Power AdSpy is one of the best-performing ad spy tools with the world’s largest database of Google, YouTube, FB, Instagram, Native, and GDN ads with 50 million ads listed and daily addition of 10K ads in over 20 countries. Use this tool for finding ads for local business niches, dominating e-commerce, search social media ads, and targeting the right customers at right time.

Power AdSpy affiliate program offers:

4. SpyFu

SpyFu has the best PPC, Keyword, and SEO research tools for your next marketing campaigns. It will reveal the search marketing top-secret formula of your most winning competitors. Overall, it’s about increasing your site traffic, tracking keyword rankings, and build better alliances and generate leads.

SpyFu affiliate program offers:

5. Anstrex

Anstrex is all about analyzing, strategizing, and executing your ad campaigns, it helps you in boosting your ROI by exposing your rival’s marketing tactics. Anstrex is a comprehensive solution for drop shippers, affiliates, content creators, brand advertisers, and performance marketers. It integrates with all useful e-commerce platforms to enhance your output.

Anstrex affiliate program offers:

  • 50% commission from the 1st-month subscription and 25% lifetime recurring commission
  • NET-20 Monthly payments via PayPal and bank wire transfers
  • 365-days cookie window
  • Sign up link- https://affiliates.anstrex.com/

6. Social Ad Scout

If you have expertise in social media ads, then Social Ad Scout can help you achieve more by spying on all major social media ad examples worldwide. Power-packed with unbeatable features, Social Ad Spy can help you in detailed researches, observations, filters, landing pages, interactive ad formats, and more. With its extremely fast interface, you can work on all kinds of desktop and mobile ad formats along with real-time updates, actual ad linking, targeting overviews, etc.

Social Ad Scout affiliate program offers:

7. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a social media management tool that helps you in analyzing the end number of profiles in your chose formats. It has 6 million users in 180 countries with more than 10 million profiles. It is a professional tool that is effective in researching, publishing, communicating, and representing. You can learn trends, influencers, topics from around the world, and keep yourself updated with the actual competition.

Fanpage Karma affiliate program offers:

Wrapping up

There are a handful of ad spy tools affiliate programs that render handsome commissions to their promoters. But you will find ample spy tools in the market to spy on your competitor’s offers and marketing strategies.

If you want to know our recommendation, then go for Anstrex or SpyFu as their commission rates are pretty high in the market and offer a year-round cookie window. Yet, Adplexity and SEMRush are preferred by users as they have powerful features to manage all your marketing stratagems and beat the crap out of the competition.

Promote these ad spy tools affiliate programs via informative posts, videos, or how-to-use guides. Before going for direct subscriptions, some of the spy tools offer free trials and a money back guarantee for a specific period; you can highlight these features so that the user can try it before putting it on his plate.

Using spy tools will collect and put forward lots of intel about your rival, and it sometimes can be overwhelming to digest at one time. You can minimize the overflow with help of an ad tracker that will track the ROI for ad expenditure. Ad tracking also helps you to track precisely how successful your ad campaigns are.

I hope the above info on ad spy tools affiliate programs is sufficient to educate your viewers. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to write to us.

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