Top 8 Tax Software Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketers who can work on complex niches will definitely incline towards tax software affiliate programs. The niche itself requires sharp techniques for promotion as it is a seasonal rush that everyone has to go through irrespective of its complexities.

Why we see potential in this field is because no one likes doing their taxes, but eventually everyone has to pay taxes. So, the simple solution to this problem is to take the help of tax preparation software. The software makes your tax paying process super easy and trouble-free.

So, there is a lot of potential for tax affiliate bloggers as they can take away the big” pain-ticking” element of taxes by promoting the tax software and making income from their respective affiliate programs.

The tax preparation industry in the US alone stands around $11 billion and it has seen a growth of 0.9% in the past five years. Every year it is estimated to give a record growth of approximately 4%, which is best in any market.

So, if as an affiliate tax blogger, you apply the right amount of nifty techniques to promote the tax software affiliate programs, the revenue can be beyond your grasp. Despite being a seasonal niche, you can keep your viewers involved by adding year-round topics like business related posts, tax-saving tips, investment trends, and other pushing topics.  

Now let’s get to the tax software affiliate programs that pay very good commission to their affiliates.

Best Tax Software Affiliate Programs

1. Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax from Intuit is the #1 selling tax product that helps its users with all possible tools and resources to make the taxpaying journey simple. Form the last 25 years, this tax preparation software has helped millions to compute and pay their taxes with full confidence. Besides offering tax-related tools and tips, TT offers online software products CD/Download products mobile apps, complete online support, and other tax benefits that you can ever think of. You just need to fill in your W2 info and the rest will be calculated and given to you.

Turbo Tax affiliate program offers:

2. Tax Slayer

Tax Slayer

TaxSlayer is one of the easy-to-use tax software with maximum refund guarantees. It is a privately-owned financial technology and tax preparation firm established in Georgia. The right tools offered by TaxSalyer helps you in slaying your taxes in every possible way. It gives you the liberty to file tax from any device, explores all deductions to save your money, gives you quick refunds, and is the safest platform for the users. TaxSlayer updates its software with the most current regulations of the market and has filed over 10 million federal and state refunds in the last year.

TaxSlayer affiliate program offers:

  • $20 for paid plans- Classic, Premium, and self-employed e-files
  • 90-day cookie window
  • Highly demanded software with a conversion rate
  • Fully tested ads and functional landing pages
  • Network partner- LinkShare

Sign up link-

3. E-File


E-File is an affordable, fastest, easier, and most accurate tax filing system. It is popular among its millions of users because it provides free “no-strings-attached” software to all tax filers who succeed to file using our Basic Software. The premium plans offer multiple features like tax filing with dependants, more deductions, full telephone support, computing business, and personal income, and more. Once the tax extension form is prepared, E-File users can transfer these electronically to the IRS and particular state or print and mail a copy of their filing. The user data and private info is thoroughly protected and all progress is saved securely.

E-File affiliate program offers:

4. Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax is trusted by millions since 1997 and offers the most accurate tax filing system. They offer the best-in-market refunds and in case you end up paying any kind of fines, they refund all the penalty amount. The services offered by LT are Hispanic services, online tax filing, personal tax, and business preparation. One gets all the necessary tax and IRS resources along with important tax tools and info to prepare the right tax statement.

Liberty Tax affiliate program offers:

5. HR Block

HR Block

If you have no idea about how to file your tax or which documents to submit for tax computing, then HR Block is the source of your problem. They will find the most suitable tax prep option for you as HR Block works with 60,000 knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals. You can visit them personally in their office or fix a virtual meeting to prep your taxes. You can either gather and submit your documents to the tax professional or file them on your own from your phone or computer with guidance. They have more than 12K offices in North America and follow a transparent pricing policy to help the clients.

HR Block affiliate program offers:

6. Tax hub

Tax hub

Tax hub is the simplest and smarter way to file your taxes with a CPA from the comfort of your home. You just need to create your account on TaxHub and get your CPA based on the requirements. After that, you have to upload your tax documents and make a phone or virtual appointment with your CPA to discuss further steps. When everything turns out to be fine, you can sign your tax return via TaxHub’s Experian-powered verification process. The process is quite simple and it takes away all the pain points involved in tax filing.

TaxHub affiliate program offers:

7. Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax is the leading and top-rated tax filing software designed for freelancers and 1099 independents. Determine tax savings for your money by skimming through your bank and credit card statements, and then file straight through Keeper Tax. A personal bookkeeper is assigned to the client so that the software automatically links to their financial accounts and monitors transactions regularly. Keeper Tax automatically categorizes all write-offs under Schedule C business expenses. They also offer a free trial for 14 days along with potent free and paid resources like tax bill calculator, tax deduction finder, tax rate calculator, and more.

Keeper Tax affiliate program offers:

  • Lucrative commissions of $20 per sale
  • 30-day cookie window
  • Support from a dedicated affiliate manager
  • Network partner- Vibrant Performance
  • Sign up link-

8. The Neat Company

The Neat Company

If you want to save time from the chaos of paperwork involved in accounting, The Neat Company is the ultimate solution. It has helped over 100,000 small businesses throughout North America. You can try all its accounting features free for 15 days. The Neat Company offers technically advanced products related to receipt tracking, reconciliation, and tax preparation. It protects your monetary transactions with the best security standards and encryption levels. Overall, Neat Company is the patented software system of smart solutions that transforms information into something useful.

The Neat Company affiliate program offers:

Wrapping up

I hope you will take full advantage of these tax software affiliate programs as they are very beneficial for those who want to make serious money in affiliate marketing. There is a high probability of your success rate with these tax software affiliate programs because “Everyone Pays Tax”, and everyone needs a reliable tax preparation software that eases out their tedious tax filing procedure.

The only challenge for the affiliate marketer is that one has to have apt information about the niche as the topics involved requires diligent solutions. Before starting, one must understand that the niche will involve many side-pushing topics related to tax, business, economy, finances, market structure, etc. to keep the audiences engaged year-round.

The most money-spinning tax software affiliate programs are E-File, TaxHub, and TurboTax. If your viewers own small businesses or are freelancers, then The Neat Company and KeeperTax will be a good choice.

So, if you have any questions in your mind, feel free to post your questions below.

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