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Are you serious about selling products on Amazon? Try JugleScout, an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. It is a full-proof solution first-time seller, existing Amazon sellers, and developing brands and agencies. JungleScout takes care of your selling journey from product research to product launch. 

Facts about Jungle Scout:

JungleScout claims to support ambitious entrepreneurs globally. Till date, over 200,000 business tycoons are supported by JS, with tracking of around 175 billion products. The user will find over 200,000 products to launch his selling business on Amazon.

JungleScout was established in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to finding hot products on Amazon. Today JS offers an excellent collection of tools for determined Amazon entrepreneurs from finding a product to tracking a supplier to initiating and enhancing a product listing and much more. 

Due to its constant rate of successful stories, JungleScout has been mentioned in many well-known publications like Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Yahoo Finance, and WSJ. The sellers build the tool for the sellers, so everything is structured by keeping in mind the challenges faced in the journey of selling. 

The substantial product data helps every seller to analyze, capture, and process billions of data facts from Amazon to convey the most precise info in the industry. The tools offered are designed in a way that beginners, as well as professionals, can take advantage of and formulate their successive journeys. 

JungleScout Solutions:

The comprehensive solutions from JungleSout will help the first-time sellers, professionals as well as established brand and agencies. So, let’s check out what it offers every group individually.

For first-time sellers:

For first-time sellers

If you are trying your hands on selling on Amazon, JungelScout will be a helping hand in making your journey easy via useful tips and tricks:

  • Fetch knowledge about what is trending on Amazon by uncovering high demand, low competition keywords to find profitable products.
  • Track the process of selling products in a stipulated time through evaluating sales, spot trends, seasonal products, and sudden spikes.
  • Evaluating product prospects through historical sales, best-seller ranking, reviews & ratings, opportunity score, etc.
  • Exclusive tutorials and stepwise guides to teach you the ins and outs of Amazon
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp course designed by Greg Mercer.
  • Other resources include saving filter presets, sync with product tracker, result exporting to.CSV, product ranking, and calculating and searching markets worldwide.

For existing Amazon Sellers:

For existing Amazon Sellers

The existing sellers get full assistance for streamlining their Amazon business so that managing and developing their business becomes quick. 

  • Quickly boost your trustworthiness and product ranks by getting more reviews for your inventories.
  • Astutely managing inventory via forecasting tools to avoid stockouts. 
  • Assessing the health of your business and see actual revenues via Sales Analytics.
  • Expand business by finding profitable products via Opportunity Finder.
  • Other resources include Keyword Scout for finding potent keywords, product alerts to get notified on any changes in product pricing, details, or reviews.
  • Launch your products with targeted customer emails and promotions.

For brands and agencies:

For brands and agencies

Brands and agencies can win the Amazon market by segmenting and maximizing profit margins with Jungle Scout Cobalt. It helps in:

  • Understanding market share for any segment.
  • Hunting down competitors by creating custom sections to recognize both 1P and 3P competition on Amazon.
  • Enhance product performance by tracking PPC and modifying strategies to respond to changing demand.
  • Share insights and alerts and integrate daily restored data into your current analytics tools.
  • Other services include onboarding and training, customer support, and regular assistance from Amazon experts.

Jungle scout Features:

Product Database:

A wide-ranging product database comprises of over 70 million products dragged directly from the Amazon collection. You can arrange and discover all the product ideas that go with your exact search standards.

With the help of JS tools, one can start generating ideas, search products, and start finding profitable products. JS’s wide-ranging data filters allow the user to be creative with product research and find highly competitive and winning products. Maintain track of the Amazon overhead costs and charges with the in-app FBA Profit Calculator.

Product Tracker:

Within Jungle Scout, Product Tracker will track prospective products over time, scrutinizing a daily stock, sales, value, and best ranking so you can easily assess each product’s performance.

Overall, the Product tracker helps in organizing and comparing product ideas to choose your next Amazon ASIN with poise. You will be backed by the industry’s best, most accurate, and up-to-date data. You also get full-service support, recommendations, extension syncing, product note saving, quick acumens.

Opportunity Finder:

Opportunity Finder

It helps you in finding the latest and upcoming trends along with profitable product niches, so whether you’re considering your first product vending on Amazon or building your business around exclusive products, Opportunity Finder proves to be a powerful tool.

You can easily find high-demand and low competition keywords by skipping the tiresome manual search. Also, you can monitor average units sold in the past, standard price, search quantity, periodic drifts, reviews, and dealer details to assess product execution and market feasibility.

Supplier Database:

It is a unique feature among other Amazon selling tools, helping you find genuine international sellers used by the world’s top brands. Use JungleScout’s Match Score to find the dealer of the particular product you are searching on Amazon.

The users can locate niche suppliers who are ready to fulfill orders for small volumes. By using Supplier Tracker, you can save records of suppliers, evaluate estimates, manage samples and purchase orders, and track contact info all in one place. Once the terms of the deal are finalized, you can also place an order via Supplier Tracker for future references.

Keyword Scout:

Keyword Scout

It is the most precise and across-the-board Amazon keyword research tool on the market. It helps you in exploring high-quality keywords, find products worldwide, and view past volumes data to optimize listings.

Keyword Scout helps in fetching competitive intelligence and leveraging the acumens in increasing sales and profits. In this way, you get help in creating better listings, save on your PPC campaigns, and chase product ratings by keywords.  



Jungle Scout Academy is where you go to study about pro-level selling on Amazon. It’s a pool of informative resources and videos that help you discover your first product, or sell your millionth. The Academy will teach you through stepwise guides that you can digest as per your pace.

You will learn from Jungle Scout’s founder Greg Mercer, who is making eight figures form Amazon selling and is the winner of Seller Awards for Best Amazon expert. You also get the chance to attend weekly Q&A sessions, jumpstart sessions for newbies, monthly livestream training, and participation in community forums.

Sales Analytics:

The tool categorizes and trails all your Amazon sales figures in real-time so you can focus on profit-building and cost-saving tactics to help you make more money with Amazon FBA. You can easily uncover hidden charges, evaluate your PPC campaigns, and collect your fiscal metrics to get a complete model of your FBA business finances.

Sales Analytics will also help in projecting detailed profits in actual time, dive into particular product performance, and compare product sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This indeed helps in customizing your expenses on advertising, shipping, inventory charges, and other fees.

Inventory Manager:

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager takes a data-driven methodology to your Amazon listings management. It exactly forecasts stock quantity to be ordered and the best time to order it to increase your Amazon sales and evade stockouts and charges.

The approach allows you to evaluate other decisive inventory-level metrics together with proceeds, cost, turnover, average daily sales, and average profit per piece. Inventory Manager also helps in reducing the cost of Amazon storage while ensuring no overstocking and or stockouts.



Launch features let you launch and promote your products straight from JungleScout. You can push sales through targeted customer email outreach and promotions. You can step into the world of opportunities and find interested buyers.

Sellers who interact with customers using emails tend to get more positive reviews on the products sold. JS’s automated email feature supports 8 different markets helping you to minimize negative reviews and increase customer satisfaction.



JS Alerts keep you up-to-date about significant Amazon product fluctuations so you can act fast. So, whether you’re searching for a product to sell or maintaining your listings enhanced over the competition.

You can also customize product alerts and track any changes in product reviews, new opportunities, images, categories, pricing, BSR, or product rating. Set notifications so you can recognize and explore possible encounters and take action fast to retort to reviews, reorder stock, and more.

Listing Builder:

His feature helps you strive for serious ranking on Amazon search results with data-based listings. Listing Builder boosts your listings with suggested keywords and sees your rankings enhance. You can examine how viably your listing ranks and convert to sales with Jungle Scout’s AI-driven Listing Optimization Score.

For better results, make use of best and relevant keywords and improve product ranking in search results. You can also initiate your listings by pulling them into Jungle Scout to assess them and download them as a CSV and jibe them back into Seller Central to trigger your updates and see your rankings upgrade.


Jungle Scout’s pricing structure is flexible and suited to every seller’s budget. The subscriber also gets access to the 14-day free trial session. Now, if we look at the pricing, there are two ways to make payments, one is yearly, and one is monthly. The monthly payers have to pay a little extra, while annual payers will find it a little less heavy on pockets.

There are three plans, namely Jungle Scout, Jungle Scout & Extension and Extension. For yearly subscribers, the Jungle Scout plan will cost $39/mo, $49/mo Jungle Scout & Extension plan, and $19/mo for Extension plan.

The main differences between the three plans are where you access them from, how you search, and the type of data you get from that particular search.

-Jungle scout is the web-based research software where you can filter specific data to find product listings that are compatible with your norms.

-Extension plan can be accessed straightaway on an Amazon search results page to extract data from the product catalogs that that show on the page.

-Jungle Scout & Extension plan give the benefit of the both Jungle Scout as well as Extension plan.

Jungle Scout Resources:

To help the users and the experts, Jungle Scout does everything to make the Amazon selling journey easy and with fewer challenges. To do so, it offers ample resources to assist the subscriber of Jungle Scout. It provides resources like:

  • Blog
  • Amazon FBA News
  • Jungle Scout Market
  • Beginner’s Guide
  • Million Dollar Case Study
  • E-Books & Guides
  • Webinars
  • Estimator Tool
  • Success Stories
  • Podcast
  • Amazon Seller Data

Pros and Cons:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Lots of resources for help
  • Great support team
  • Able to share screenshots with others for review
  • Detailed analysis of products to be sold
  • Accurate evaluations and predictions


  • Little pricey for newcomers
  • The basic plan comes with limitations


There are many options available in the market like Viral Launch, Helium 10, AMZ Scout, eGrow, etc. Still, when it comes to the accuracy of data and quality tools, JungleScout is a decent option uses by many pro sellers. JS is a powerful tool for those who take their FBA and merchant fulfillment business seriously and need well-researched data in hand.

Well, we do recommend Jungle Scout, as it offers pretty robust features even to the first-timers. The helpful guides and resources are excellent for those who are new to the field.

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