10 Best Foreign Languages Affiliate Programs

If you are into affiliate marketing and deal with an education-based website, then you can include these foreign language affiliate program to make some quick cash.

Many people, nowadays, are eager to learn new languages for various reasons like- study abroad, job requirements, as a hobby, traveling, or relocation purposes. The sudden increase in the demand for language learning is due to the overwhelming development of mental abilities of all ages. 

Countless online foreign language learning platforms help candidates with self-study material in the form of audio programs, books, eBooks, and online programs. Each online program offers several language learning programs, along with free assistance and resources available 24/7. These online language learning programs are popular due to the comfortable learning they provide to all the candidates from home.

The advantage of joining these foreign languages affiliate programs are that many aspirants want to learn new languages, and also foreign language learning boosts memory, develops the ability to multi-task, increases networking skills, and offers better career choices. 

Let’s get to know the foreign languages affiliate programs.

Best Foreign Languages Affiliate Programs:

1. Mondly:

Mondly was established in 2013 by Alex Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu with the motive to introduce language learning with smart technology. It is the most innovative language learning app worldwide, with 40 million-plus users. Mondly excels in offering 33 language courses by its proficient and heroic team of members. It provides its language learning for business purposes and kids, in the form of virtual reality and assistant learning. The top languages include- French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, and more.

Mondly affiliate program offers:

  • Upto 85% commission for top affiliates products
  • 40% commission for every sale
  • 120-days cookie window
  • Complete marketing kit and promotional campaigns
  • Network partner- Avangate 

Sign up link- https://www.avangatenetwork.com/affiliates/sign-up.php?merchant=ATISTUDI&template=Default+Template&source=avangate

2. Foreign Languages for kids:

FLK for kids offers award-winning Spanish videos learning programs for kids. The kids learn through a fully-organized online program with 40 + videos, quizzes, communicating activities, culture & geography. It offers 48 hours free trial for its new members. It is useful for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. Most popular products include DVDs, sets, games, flashcards, teachers’ guides, stickers, and more. 

Foreign Language for Kids affiliate programs include:

3. Living Language:

It is the oldest language learning program since 1946. Its flexible learning program offers online as well as an offline program for aspirants. Get the equivalent inordinate language instruction either in an online course or through LL’s Complete and Essential products, including books, CDs, and access to downloadable audio. The practical and affordable tools have imparted knowledge to millions in the last 70 years. 

Living Language affiliate program offers:

  • 8-10% commission
  • Up to $2,500- 8%            
  • $2,501 – $10,000- 9%     
  • $10,001 and up- 10%
  • Real-time and secure reporting 
  • Network Partner- SHareASale
  • Sign up link- https://account.shareasale.com/newsignup.cfm

4. Innovative Language:

From the past 12 years, Innovative Language has been teaching different languages in various ways to its billions of users. Till now, one billion time-tested and proven lessons have been downloaded via their system. For individuals, they offer free resources as well as training through online language courses, iPhone & iPad, Android, Mac, PC apps, iBooks, audio, nook, and kindle books, and Roku TV channel. They have online solutions for businesses, schools, and teachers.

Innovative Learning affiliate programs include:

5. Rocket Languages:

The idea of Rocket Languages was initiated in 2004, and till the end of the year, it became the first firm to offer online language learning courses with just MP3 files and PDFs. With time, RL became technically advanced and a recognized leader with 1200000 registered users. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for its members, business houses and educational institutes. With over 1,400 5-star reviews, you can be sure that RL products are superior and involving.

Rocket Languages affiliate program offers:

6. Fluent City:

Fluent City, founded in 2011, is another fastest growing firm in learning languages. It offers interactive and engaging online courses, corporate training, and in-person classes to groups, individuals, and business houses in 11 different examples. The team uses the latest AI and natural language processing technology to make available hyper-relevant content and tailored, engrossing lesson subscriptions. 

The fluent City affiliate program offers:

  • 10% Payout on any Language Group Class or Private Lesson Sale w/ Valid Payment
  • $5 Payout on any valid email or phone number lead
  • 45-days Cookie Duration
  • 2% e-commerce conversion rate
  • $390 AOV on group classes; $900 AOV on private training
  • Network partners- ShareASale
  • Sign up link- https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=70785

7. MyTEFL:

Since 2013, TEFL Academy offers the very top specialized accredited level 5 TEFL courses. Qualifi fully recognizes the TEFL Academy, an Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, a UK government division) controlled awarding body. It has over 70 TEFL courses running every month at places all over the world. Its courses are great for those who are moving ahead in life with a vision to develop new avenues.

MyTEFL affiliate program offers:

  • 18% starting commissions on online courses with regular sales prices of $200 after discounts
  • 20% commission on all online courses once $5000 in sales attained over 12 months
  • 22% commission rate on all online courses once $10,000 in sales reached over 12 months
  • 90-days initial cookie policy
  • 120-days after the affiliate has reached $5000 in sales of online courses
  • Network partner- ShareASale
  • Sign up link- https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=58539

8. Verbling:

Verbling is an innovative online way to learn languages through video calls. It was established in 2011 at Y Combinator. One can learn over 50 languages with the help of over 7500 experienced teachers. The learning features include personalized educations with 24/7 available tutors, integrated platform, collaborative tools, multi-device support, along with the globally accessible community. 

Verbling affiliate program offers:

9. CoLanguage:

If you want to learn a new language via Skype, then CoLanguage is the best solution for that. All the online sessions will take place in a friendly environment by native and verified teachers with all material included. A free trial session is offered for those who want to check the services first and then go for the subscription. You just have to search the teacher for learning a language, contact her, and schedule a lesson at your convenience. 

The coLanguage affiliate program offers:

10. iTalki:

iTalki is a global language learning platform encouraging one-on-one online language lessons. With around 5 million apprentices and 10,000 excellent teachers training more than 130 languages, italki assists everybody with their personal expedition to articulacy. It is a customized learning platform where one can pay as per the lessons taken anywhere anytime. Italki has been featured on BBC, Business Insider, TheGuardian, LifeHacker, and many such recognized publications.

iTalki affiliate program offers:


If you are into a flourishing affiliate marketing career, then these best foreign languages affiliate programs can help you to make quick side cash. The popularity of these language learning platforms is very high, as everyone today wants to explore the big world around them. 

You can promote the foreign languages affiliate program in your blog or website via writing a review, or sharing your own language learning experience. You can also make a YouTube video on how to take advantage of such platforms, or also promote the affiliate links in forums, ad sites, and social media channels. 

So, if you know any other innovative language learning platform with great incentives, then do write in the comment section below. 

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