Superfoods Affiliate Program For Health Bloggers/Influencers

If you are a food blogger, then organic food is the most trending topic nowadays. It is because many people are adapting healthy lifestyle. People nowadays are more health conscious and choose to eat these chemical-free products. Many people are swapping to buying only biological food for fitness and ecological reasons.

As per Technavio, the rise in demand for new varieties of superfoods will have a positive impact on the market and contribute to its growth significantly over the forecast period.  Global superfood powders market 2018-2022 research report also analyzes other important trends and market drivers that will affect market growth over 2018-2022.

What are SuperFoods?

A superfood is a nutrition-condensed, calorie-sparse food that promotes health and well-being. Superfoods are generally tropical and are not generally found in your conservative grocery shop. The top superfoods are specialized organic, non-GMO, and raw if conceivable.

A main superfood feature is being extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins or other phytochemicals that are a devaluing part of the typical American diet. The superfoods have been a core of native cultures for thousands of years. The people ingesting them felt the advantages and comprehended the productive effect they had.

These foods available to everyone who needs a usual solution to develop their vigor, resistance, endurance, and general happiness. You can make easy-going revenue by endorsing these natural or superfoods on your blog or website. The broader range of ideas can be put to make these superfoods a real hit in the market. So, let’s checkout the top 10 Superfoods affiliate programs.

Who should promote?

Whether your blog/social channel is related to home-based stuff, organic meals, weight-loss recipes, health-related tips or any kind of special food products, you can include these superfoods affiliate programs in that blog. As we know that everyone is interested in online shopping nowadays, getting these superfoods is very easy and convenient. You can get the best of these products in all forms and are easy to ship/store.

Best Superfoods Affiliate Programs


Lotus Superfoods is for those who believe in maintaining a heathy lifestyle. They tour the world in search of superfoods, plants and remedial substances of the maximum effectiveness, quality and capability. It’s Hydrilla Verticillata product is an effective powder with all the magical components to give your body all the required nutrients. Let’s check the Lotus Superfoods Affiliate Porgrams.

What you should promote Lotus SuperFoods Affiliate Program

    • 15% commission on any sale you mention counting periodic sales from that client
    • 5% Commission from any auctions made by associates you suggest
    • Attractive graphics to put on your website or use in ad campaigns / media buys
    • Email creatives to send to your catalogue
    • Individual support for any queries
    • Simple backend interface to keep track of all your commissions
    • 2 Year cookies
    • Link –


SunFood was invented to fight the adverse effect of processed foods, and eating dead that contributed to the amount of diseases, obesity, poor health. The SunFood natural products will help you in fight disease, upsurge durability, increase resistance, increase energy, and help in improving overall health. From powder to seeds, from green tea to drinks, SunFoods deals with everything natural.

Why you should promote SunFoods Affiliate Program?

    • Commissions varies from 10% to 20%
    • Once-a-month commissions imbursement (as opposite to three-monthly)
    • Get paid when you accumulate more than $50 in commission (before $100)
    • The skill to check your commissions and inform your info when you want
    • Choice from 15 attractively intended, lively and still signs
    • Select from 50 sole text links and banners to place wherever on your website
    • Link-

Live SuperFoods

Live SuperFoods is an online retailer selling organic and raw superfoods. The website deals with hundreds of products through classifications like raw & vegie superfoods, nutritious supplements, personal care, and healthful régime.

Why you should promote Live SuperFoods affiliate program

    • Commission- 10% – 15%
    • Payment Rate of recurrence- Monthly
    • Payment Type- Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
    • Accepted Nations- Worldwide
    • 45-day cookie policy
    • Affiliate link-

YourSuper Foods

Together with orthomolecular nutritionists, Your Super fostered seven easy-to-use superfood combinations included of 100% natural, nutrient-packed healthy foods. Your Super has a clear as crystal distribution chain and has a 1:1 give-back business paradigm in affiliation with Action Against Hunger.

Highlights of YourSuper Foods Affiliate Programs

    • 15% off their purchasing and get a $10 payment for every order coming during your discount code or referral link.
    • Readdressed to your private dashboard and start sharing your affiliate link
    • Please make sure to fill out your Paypal email
    • Affiliate link-

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an affiliation community that utilises the power of straight buying to bring the world’s best nourishing food and organic products to their associates at wholesale values, and to support free memberships for low-income American folks. Thrive Market is on a job to make healthful living simple and inexpensive for everybody.

Why you should join Thrivemarket Affiliate Program?

    • For every new client, you get $20 in cash
    • Give you access to the norm links, trial posts, posters and imageries
    • Individual account with own dashboard
    • Affiliate link-

Fruit Company

If you love to eat fruits that are organic, gluten-free, pesticide-free, and juicy, then Fruit Company the one for you. You will get the best fruit gifts for your loved ones or yourself of best quality fruits and artisanal products made by high-quality local producers.

Highlights of Fruit Company affiliate program:


Direct Eats is an online market with over 20000 organic, natural, and field food products shopped by 17 diet & lifestyle categories. All the food is Gluten-Free. Paleo. Organic. And stocked in great conditions. Besides your favorite brands, they also choose home-grown specialty products from all over the country to reserve their aisles.

Why you should join DirectEats Affiliate Program?


Vega is vegan specialized, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, grain-free, and free of unnatural flavors and additives. The Vega products include protein powders, shakes, snacks and supplements. If your website supports healthy living, the Vega Affiliate Program lets you to make income fast and effortlessly via your website, blog, or e-newsletter. The Vega eStore is the main online destination for Vega Products.

Why you should join Vega Affiliate Program?

    • Commission of 2% to a maximum of 10% commission
    • Modest, tiered commission structure for bloggers, coupon and eCommerce sites
    • 60-day return cookie
    • Typical order size of $110
    • Free shipping for orders over $75
    • Affiliate link-
    • Network Partner- Commission Junction

Green Chef

Green Chef distributes all you want to make nutritious buffets at home: best, pre-measured ingredients and delightful, easy-to-master formulae. Green Chef is all about ingestion and living green. They are a USDA qualified organic corporation. They work with agriculturalists to supply maintainable, enjoyable ingredients.

Why you should join Green Chef Affiliate Program?

    • Earn up to $15 per sale
    • Q1 traffic flow as more customers commit to living organic routines
    • Variety of banner ads, signs, and marketing artistic available
    • 7-day cookie duration
    • Affiliate link-
    • Network partner- Commission Junction


Nutiva was originated in 1999 with a sole purpose in mind—to transform the way the world dines. Today Nutiva cultivates energy by mindful curating of the biosphere’s hand-picked natural plant-food constituents. They donate one percent of sales ($3M+ to date) to a range of projects sustaining salubrious societies and supportable agronomy.

Why you should join Nutiva Affiliate Programs?

    • Make 10% on all commission orders
    • 30-day cookie period
    • Approachable affiliate manager
    • Frequent newsletter informs
    • Branded placard ads in all regular sizing for use on your sites
    • Selected offers for your readers and cliques only
    • Affiliate Link-

Jambo Superfoods

Jambo Superfoods creates the world’s highest quality hemp oil CBD products. All-natural elements, full range hemp, no cooperation. Jambo was the first in the business to publicly put out every lab result. They want you to know precisely what you’re getting and putting in your body. The products offered by Jumbo are- sprays, drops, topicals, cooking oils, products for pets and gifts.

Why you should join Jambo Superfoods Affiliate Programs?

    • Exclusive affiliate link on a streamer on their website/personal blog, blog post, podcast, social media, or newsletter
    • Receive a 20% commission
    • Your personalized dashboard
    • All affiliates/brand envois will start off with $50 in their account just for signing up
    • The preliminary commission will be directed via PayPal with minimum of $100
    • Affiliate Link-
    • Network partner – iDevAffiliate


The above superfoods affiliate programs are not the whole list, its just the small portion of the whole thing. You can put up the content for these superfoods in various forms like how-to guide, reviews, health tips and make good income by promoting it. Just get some training on how to track the traffic and conversions and work as per the shown analytics. By building your blog at a bigger level, you not only earn some extra pocket money, but can build a business empire.

Hope you will start promoting the products at your level and start earning commission. These Superfoods is the best product which will make you earn good. Share the post on your social sites so that all come to know about the products and the commission earned.

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