False eyelashes affiliate program For Beauty Bloggers

Eyelashes are one kind of eyelash extensions which is growing really popular amongst girls these days.  kim kardashian false eyelashes are so famous that these days makeup without false eyelashes is incomplete. The extensions may be made from lots of materials including mink, synthetic and horse hair. These look cool as well as not harmful at all. That’s why lots of girls are preferring this products these days.

The Global False Eyelashes market is projected around USD 1,330.56 million by around 2023 with the huge growth rate of 4.26%. Synthetic hair based false is going to dominate the market share with in 2023 with more than 40% market share basis.

If you have beauty/fashion blog by promoting eyelashes of these brands you can easily make decent money. . So here are 5 false eyelashes affiliate program which you can join easily.

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5 False Eyelashes affiliate programs

1. Uptown

Uptown is a well known Eyelashes and ladies beauty products seller. They are well known for their Eyelashes but they also sell. So you can also promote their items also.

2. Lashes by Kim

Lashes by Kim is a premium eyelashes seller. They are also well known for the quality and pricing. They are selling premium products at a really affordable price. That’s why people might choose them. Apart from eyelashes they also have lots of other products which you can promote.

3. Madamemadeline

Madamemadeline is multi store of lots of branded eyelashes to choose from. Here users will get lots of options to choose for. That’s why it is going to be more popular from others. They also ships product worldwide so you will get option of sending your international users to them.

4. Eyewear lashes

Eyewear lashes is seller of eyelashes for various company. They have wide range verity of eyelashes. They also have different kind of eye lashes in terms of different category. They also provides lots of deals to their customers that’s why customer loves them more.

5. Lash Star Beauty

Lash Star Beauty is a New York based ladies beauty products seller. They are well known for their eyelashes, and more ladies eye beauty products. They also sell premium products at very good rate. For this lots of ladies will buy from them as because they are rates are quality of products.

Guys these are the world’s 5 best eyelashes affiliate program on which you can join. These programs will give you good amount of money every month.

6. Lena Lashes:

Whether you are shopping for mink lashes or synthetic lashes, Lena Lashes is for you. The perfect pair of false lashes is the magical final touch that unifies your entire makeup look.

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