Best Fitness Training Services Affiliate Programs For Health & Lifestyle Bloggers

Physical Fitness defines as a state of health and well being and to perform sports and daily activities. And you should have to maintain proper fitness.

Why choose Fitness niche?

In today’s time fitness is becoming an essential need for everyone. Most of our bad habits like eating junk foods, unhealthy way of leaving and lack of exercise in our life causing big issues for us. That’s lots of people choosing fitness services to become fit and to live in a healthy way.

So if you are a blogger/ YouTube r or any kind of influencer in any social media platforms, they should opt for fitness to promote fitness well. Fitness is also becoming the primary thing for human life. As per a report of WHO less than 5% of adults participates in 30 minutes exercise because of a shortage of time to go to the gym. But lots of people choosing an online fitness plan to do proper exercise to maintain a good shape.

Here I going to mention 5 best fitness training services affiliate programs who you can choose to promote them through your social links to earn money.

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5 Best fitness training services affiliate programs

    1. Workout Anywhere
    2. Body Building
    3. Body Spartan
    4. iBodyfit
    5. Hitchfit

Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere is one of the best platforms for those people who had limited time for exercise. If you join them you can do excise without any types of equipment. And it is also one of the best platforms for fresh new users. They also provide a good amount of affiliates commission to the affiliates. They also provide up to 30% recurring subscription commission and 50% commission for all the training plans and eBooks.

Body Building

Body Building is one of the popular sites in the world as they have more than 1.1 million visitors each day on their site. They sell lots of other products like health supplements and other products apart from health fitness memberships. They also provide affiliates programs for lots of new and experienced affiliates.

Body Spartan

Body Spartan is one of the unique fitness programs then provides fitness exercise tips. With fitness exercise tips they also provide custom diet guides as well as with exclusive videos and lots more. These things made them more popular and unique than others. But their affiliate programs bit different, they give affiliate commission via Amazon sale. But although it is a good option for those who have been using Amazon affiliates for quite some time.


iBodyFit is one of the most rated fitness platforms all around the world. They are also number 1 by lots of online reviewing platforms. They also have a special service called personal trainer features where every user has their personal trains for all the help on a daily basis. They also have an affiliate commission system where they also provide a dedicated manager for each affiliate which makes them different and one of the best from others.


Hitchfit is the customized platform for each and every user. They first take all the problems and difficulties of the users then they design a customized exercise structure along with a custom meal plan. So that the user will be in shape very soon. They also provide videos, pdf books and lots more within the same package. They also have dedicated affiliate plans for the affiliates. So you can also join them to grab a very good amount of affiliate commissions each month. If you have Shareasale account then you can join their affiliates system with your existing Shareasale account.

So, guys, this is the 5 Best fitness training services affiliate programs, you can join in 2019. By joining these programs, you have a great option to earn a good amount of commissions each month.

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