10 Ways to Earn Money in 2019

As per my personal experience, earning money online is one of the easiest job you can do. But in the initial days it is not an easy thing. But as the time progresses, it becomes easy day by day. With proper giddiness you can earn money from very beginning.

You can either choose these as part-time or you can choose these as full time also. It all depends up to you, what you choose for yourself. But recent stats show that more than 65% of people failed to earn from online. But in 2019, it is a good opportunity for you to follow the below-mentioned steps to grab some good money by working online from home.

10 Best Ways To Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing

Social Media/Influencer Partner Program:

Social media means Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a really big and great source of earning money online. Yes! You can earn good money from them. Here you need to build a profile or page of yourself and need to upload a post on a regular basis.

If you are able to grab some good amount of followers, then you might earn $100- $200 per paid post. Yah! Paid or sponsored is the way to earn money from social media. You don’t need to worry because these companies will approach you, you don’t need to go anywhere.  These are some merchants who have affiliate partnerships to promote products on Instagram account. 


Blogging is one of the legit ways of earning money online. You can create a blog through blogger or WordPress and then you can share your knowledge with your visitors. And as soon as the number of visitors increases your chance of earning money is going higher. Through blogging have lots of option to earn money like Ads, paid post, Sponsorships and more.

A good and experienced bloggers are earning more than $2000 on an average. But in the beginning, you need to work hard to grab some money. After you learn some skills then you are good to go.


We all almost know and watch YouTube on a daily basis. But everyone might don’t know that YouTube also pays money to their content creators. So you can also earn money by sharing your videos on YouTube. But here you might have to follow some restrictions like

    • No Adult Content
    • No Offensive Languages used

These are one of the main restrictions you should follow on YouTube to earn money from them. Here YouTube pays you a certain amount of money who they earn from their advertisers.

Website Design:

Designing a website is one of the high-value works you can do online in 2019.  If you don’t know how to build the website, then you don’t need to worry because there are lots of videos on YouTube by watching them you able to learn to create websites very easily.

You just need to find some interested people who are interested to buy a website or you can approach some educational institutes or any other who are looking for websites. Then you sell them your website at a really good price.

I charged people $500- $1000 for one fully responsive website. I just take 2hr – 4hr to design one entire site.

E-Commerce Website:

Yes! You can also create an e-commerce website and sell your own products there to earn money.  Now you might think about how to create e-commerce, it is really very easy these days. If only need to have a domain and hosting to start. After that, you need to install WordPress and Woocommerce to start.

You can easily sell any products, you like. You can resale any products available in the market. It is also a good option to earn money in 2019. I often earn more than $800- $900 per week by selling products online.

Amazon FBA Seller:

If you can’t able to handle your own e-commerce site then you can go for Amazon FBA service. By which you can sale your own products on Amazon. Amazon will take care of all the technical things like SEO and all.

Amazon also provides a dedicated manager to help you with every difficulty you face as well as they will also help to increase your sale. An Average Amazon seller earns $3000- $5000 per month.

Affiliate Marketing:

If you also can’t able to handle physical products then you can promote products of other websites products. Like you can go to Amazon Affiliate to join and share their products to your own blog on social media channels.

As the people buy products through your link, you will get a commission of around 20% on each sell. It is also a good way of earning money online.

Short Linking:

It is one of the good ways of earning money. But here you need to have a very good amount of traffic who clicks through your link. But here you payout is very minimum. If you don’t have a good amount of traffic then only you can get a minimum payout of $20.

Content Writer:

Content Writing is one of the best ways to earn quick money online. If you have good skills in English or any language then you are good to go. There are lots of writer online who are earning in six figures by writing an article each month. A writer named Holly Johnson earns $200,000 each month by only writing 15-20 articles each month. But to reach that point, you need time.

Domain Resale:

Buying and Selling websites is also another great way to earn online. But here you need to have some little investment to buy some websites. There are lots of websites online which are going to expire or their admin lost interested in that website, then you can approach them.

And buy their websites, then after getting a good buyer you can sale that site with a good amount of commission.

Guy these are the best 10 works you can do online to earn money in 2019. So this is your good chance to choose whatever process you like. And then earn money from one of these steps.

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